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On this page you’ll find a whole bunch of info about working with me, including;

Once you’ve had a look through it all, you can head this way to fill out your New Design Client Questionnaire and request a spot in my schedule! Easy Peasy.


Oh my, they are such a lovely bunch aren’t they? Stop it – you’ll make me blush!

When I came to Danika looking for help in creating a presence on social media to indulge my hobby of making cocktails, I had no idea about marketing or branding or design. All I knew was that I wanted something unique, modern, but still had some classic Prohibition Era style. That was all she needed! I remember when she sent through the initial sketched concepts; I was blown away. The process was collaborative the whole way through. She was always happy to hear my ideas, but also wasn’t afraid to give me frank advice if she believed something wouldn’t work. The end result is something that I’m personally extremely proud of and it’s very much thanks to her.

Danika did such an amazing job with our logo as we began a full rebrand of our business. Was blown away by the process of it all, so professional. Really eased my mind. My business is a huge reflection of who I am & Danika nailed it. Highly recommend her.

(Tami, on starting the design process and ‘Find your flavour course‘ with me) Oh my gosh, this course was amazing!! It helped me really sit down and clarify my business, my purpose and my market. Danika, I cannot thank you enough – I was feeling really lost and confused but this course has given me so much clarity and has completely boosted my confidence and got me so excited about what lies ahead. To anyone out there who has their own business, established or just starting out, I would HIGHLY recommend you give this course a go especially if you’re needing a bit of a boost or a hand to realign yourself and remember why you started this journey in the first place. (…and after completing the project) Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for the revamp you have given my brand – I am honestly so in love with your designs and they have completely changed my membership site – I cannot even begin to explain the aesthetic difference it has made to my membership site!!!


Ready to learn more about working together? Check out my design process below.


At the base of any successful brand is a strong foundation. All of my VIP Design Packages include the content of my Bite-sized Brand Package (you can see that below), with room to add even more goodies if they tickle your fancy! The base package will give you all of the tools you need to start designing your very own brand collateral if you so wish, but if it's the truly VIP experience you're after, leave the extras in my very capable hands and let me work my design magic for you.



Great design starts with great research and communication. All projects begin with an indepth client questionnaire, a 1:1 online brand consultation/getting to know you sesh and a moodboard creation.


Access to your personal online project hub (including accounts and project management) and my design client zone; complete with 24hr access to video assistance.


Includes light/dark variation


Includes light/dark variation


Includes light/dark variation


Multipage PDF brand booklet including your business' logos, colour palette and font guide.


All logo files delivered digitally in PDF, EPS, JPG and PNG formats, along with a PDF file type guide explaining the uses of each.


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+ $300

+ 2 Add-ons of your choice

+ BONUS 30 min Q&A sesh


*Est.Timeline: 2 weeks*


+ $450

+ Patterns / Backgrounds

+ 3 Add-ons of your choice

+ BONUS 30 min Q&A sesh

*Est.Timeline: 2 weeks*


+ $600

+ Business Name & Tagline

+ Mission Statement / Short Bio

+ Social Media Starter Kit

*Est.Timeline: 1-2 weeks*

*Prices may vary for very detailed, illustrative logos - contact me for pricing. All prices displayed in $AUD.

Branding Add-ons
Business Card, Letterhead, Flyer, Poster, Gift Voucher, Label, Envelope, Swing Tag, Social Media Header + Profile Pic (1 per page) These add-ons all include 1 initial concept and 1 revision round each. Package prices include print-quality, high res design work only. Additional concepts, revisions, stock image purchases and printing will incur extra costs.


Investing in your visual branding is a pretty big deal, but not everyone finds them in a financial position where they are able to invest the full cost up-front! Not to worry; I've got your back.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required on all jobs over $300* to secure your spot in my schedule. Work will not commence until this has been received.

The remainder of the payment will not be due until your project has been completed (but before files are handed over), so you've got a little extra time to get those dollars together while we're working on your masterpiece.

*(Projects under $300 require payment in full at the time of project commencement)


You got the questions - I've got the answers! Can't find the info you need? Drop me a line!

Do you offer any other services?

Whilst full visual branding packages are my thang, I do offer individual graphic design and illustration projects as a stand-alone service. If you already have your own brand or logo and would like just one item created for you from the Branding Add-on list, just drop me a line and I can provide you with a quote and estimated timeframe for it.

Want something that's not on the add-on list? Feel free to ask me about it and I'll see what I can do!

Do you do printing, too?

Absolutely! I work closely with an amazing industry-standard printing company based right here in Perth to provide you guys with stunning offset printed goods (that's a much higher quality than your stock-standard digital printing, FYI). Let me know if you require any printing at the beginning of our project and I will let you know your all of your printing options and prices.

Unfortunately, I can currently only offer printing to clients within Australia.

What if I don't like my logo concepts?

Well, you would be the first! Before I even consider putting pencil to paper, I make sure to thoroughly delve into your business, vision and desired brand "vibe" using an in-depth questionnaire, a one-on-one consultation and a little homework from yourself to be certain we are both on the same page for where your project is heading.

If you're feeling a little unsure of this direction yourself when we start, I'm also here to help you talk it through and lend suggestions and advice from a professional standpoint before we get started on the actual design work. It's as important to me as it is to you that your brand is looking awesome by the time we're done.

There's absolutely no room for guesswork or designer ego here!

However if you did happen to find yourself in this very unique situation, we would first go back over your questionnaire answers and moodboard and have a quick brainstorm sesh to discover exactly where your input has been lost in translation. From there we have the option to revise the answers to better portray the feeling you are hoping to achieve with your biz brand and run from there.

Communication is key to great design - and thus far it has given my clients a 100% success rate!

I need a project completed yesterday! Can you help?

It's best to allow a realistic timeframe for any design project if you want to see it looking it's best (see pricing and packages above for estimated timeframes), however on the odd emergency occasion I may be able to offer my services to complete a project faster than usual...depending on my current workload.

This is an exception and should not be treated as an assumption.

If you require a project at faster-than-usual speed please email me directly with "RUSH JOB" in the subject line; include ALL of the project details as clearly and concisely as possible, along with your required deadline. If I can fit you in, I will email you back asap to let you know and request any files/details that I need to get started.

A sugar-rush fee will be applied to your project at double the usual rate. This fee will cover your queue jump ahead of other clients, plus all of the sugar and snacks that will fuel my hard work out of business hours over the weekend and/or into the night to complete your project.

Regardless of the speed required, work will not be released to any clients before payment in full (and proof of remittance) has been made.

What are your qualifications?

I studied my butt off through TAFE (that's college for our international viewers) many years ago to earn myself a shiny Diploma of Graphic Design, and have continued to work in the design industry since then using industry-standard software to produce only the highest quality of work.

This is my full-time career, not a side hobby, so that means you get my full-time attention and expertise with every project we work together on. Win-win!

I actually didn't budget for this project, but I can offer you some great exposure/experience instead! That cool?

No. Not cool at all. If you wouldn't ask it of your Doctor, Mechanic, Plumber or any other non-arts based trade, please don't ask here. It will just make things awkward when I have to say no.

If you do find yourself on a particularly tight budget, I have a few different options available for you to peruse on my Services page.

Is there any fineprint I should know about?

No secrets between friends, right?! You can check out my Terms & Conditions (in plain english! No legal jargon!) any time you like, by clicking right HERE

What's with the chocolate theme?

Chocolate makes me happy. Design makes me happy. Combining the two seemed the next logical step.

Also, in case you haven't already noticed I am a huge lover of using puns and analogies in business...chocolate and sweet treats gives me an endless array to work with. Are they corny? Absolutely. Will it stop me? Not a chance. #sorrynotsorry

What happens after I complete the questionnaire?

You can expect to hear back from me within 3 business days to schedule a free consultation. After that, if you decide you want to proceed, you'll pay a non-refundable 50% deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. After that's done, I'll get you booked in!