After being overwhelmed with local electricians using plugs, cables and sockets in their branding, I was determined to give Eddie of Zeus Electrical a logo that differed from the others!

Needless to say that he’d already done half of the work for me by choosing such an excellent business name. Zeus, greek god of the sky and thunder, and wielder of a mighty lightning bolt – what better imagery was there to run with?!


Once we’d created quite a strong and solid logo to suit his business’ vibe, I carried through the elements of his visual branding board into his printed goods (business cards and invoices), website, social media pages and online advertising. We also had a play with some cheeky wording in his adverts and online posts, to add a little fun and a touch of humanity (he is a god, after all!) to an otherwise quite staunch and corporate industry. A strong brand is all about standing out from the crowd, and that’s entirely what we managed to do with Eddie!