Ohhhh, sugar – honey, honey

You guys know I love me some local produce, and Gary and Jacque of The Happy Hive are giving us bucket-loads! Our buzzy little bee friends are more endangered than ever now, so local beekeepers like these two are not only treating us to some tasty, tasty local honey but they are also lending Mother Nature a massive helping hand. What champs!

FOLIO Happy Hive Feature Image

The Happy Hive can be found in Serpentine, Western Australia. It was such a great name to play with when it came to creating a logo – they were after something a little bit sweet (just like their honey!) that would catch the eye of shoppers amongst all of the other brands currently on the market. The little bee character came about easily enough from there, but the logo itself?

I thought I would be clever and work with a bit of a visual pun. The symbol you see in the design there is the chemical compound for Serotonin – the chemical in our brains that causes the emotion happiness! It also just happens to look like a perfect little honeycomb…it really was too much of a coincidence to ignore. And so, this design was born.

Patterns and colour palettes were developed to create a cohesive looking brand and applied to all of the lovely labels now adorning The Hive’s tubs and jars of golden goodness. Delicious!