Seahorse Victoria Inc was formed in 1975 as a support and social group for the Victorian transgender community and is the longest running organisation of its type in Australia. I had some big shoes to fill with this logo design – this group had been running longer than I’d been alive!

The project brief was for something professional looking, but still with an air of fun about it. Nothing too childish and nothing too “pretty”. The members of the group were keen to run with something a little more modern and trendy, to bring the look of the brand up to date and to appeal to newer, younger members as well as those that had been there long term. No easy task!

Whilst originally a rainbow version of the seahorse was submitted in the early concepts as an option (to appeal to the LGBT community), it was decided as the design developed that the more subdued blue/purple/pink combination (the colours of the transgender flag, as opposed to the pride flag) were more appropriate and fitting as this is a trans specific group. Whilst the rainbow version looked fantastic, sometimes it’s important to step back and consider what works best for your brand and the message you wish to convey with it, rather than just basing judgement on looks alone. I think we made the right call.