Oh, Carpe Coffee. I seriously can’t get enough of these guys (have you dropped in for a coffee at their Perth or Midland locations yet? Get on it!). When cafe owner James told me he was starting a top secret coffee project that required a fresh, new design; I knew it could only mean good things. I was right.

Just like everything that the Carpe crew do, they aim to be a little left of center. Raw Cold Brew, as the name suggests, is a pure and simple, cold brewed coffee. No added sugars, flavours or other unnecessarys; just coffee and milk. “Raw”.

With the raw food revolution going into overdrive these days, it was no surprise that James didn’t want his cold brew following the popular trend of green, health food-type design. The cafes certainly aren’t mainstream, so why should the coffee look any different?! I was very lucky (and excited!) to have been given pretty much free-reign on this design, with only a small request of perhaps taking a look at something with a slightly retro vibe.

All that’s left to do now is give our strongman a name!