Now, I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love the thought of a handmade, artisan gift. So much time, thought and skill goes into something lovingly crafted by hand that you can almost feel the energy of it’s creator poured into it…and that’s exactly how I felt about Tina Lee, of Perth-based business Lemon Drops, amazing creations. (Yes! I can hand-on-heart say that I was a very satisfied customer!)

Designing a brand that was funky and fresh, just like her stunning hand burnt pyrographic cutting boards and barware, was more pleasure than work.

Tina is a truly inspiring, talented and generous woman, putting in up to 15 hours (!!!) of painstaking work into producing each her unique masterpieces, BY HAND. Then, after all that hard work, she donates a huge chunk of her earnings to those less fortunate then her.

What a freakin’ legend.

It was only right that her business’ look shared the same vibrant energy as it’s creator. Reflecting the artisan nature of her work with brush and handwritten style lettering, crowned with it’s bright and juicy namesake, the Lemon Drops logo stands out in a crowd. Good use of Tina’s product photos and wooden textures really tie the whole theme together and let her audience know what it’s all about. Delicious design at it’s best!