The ladies from GAIN Inc. came to me with an exisiting logo from the early days (around 2000 – see last slide image) of their group forming, in need of a freshen-up to better reflect the direction they have developed in over time.

GAIN Inc. is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to increase awareness and act as a voice on all gynaecological issues and cancers. Whilst their original logo certainly worked to use a little humour to “lighten the mood” on some very serious matters and create a bit of a talking point (which is important for such a taboo subject!), it became apparent very quickly that it did not fit the desired feelings of professional, modern, trustworthy and discreet that they were aiming for. It was time for an upgrade!

With a desire to have more appeal to the younger demographic than they had previously (and help raise awareness from a younger age) it was very important to keep the look quite age neutral.

As it is (obviously) a very feminine-based organisation and the ladies didn’t want to drift entirely away from their existing look, we decided to run with that same gorgeous, bold, punch of pink as the base of the overall visual theme. To contrast it, I brought in a lot more clean, white space to keep it open and easy to read (the website contains a lot of text), along with darker photographic imagery of “everyday women” to create a brand that their target audience could relate to.

GAIN’s cause is one close to my own heart, with some of my own family and friends being deeply affected by some of the many gynae issues they help women to learn about, cope with and combat. I was incredibly proud to have the opportunity to help the cause in my own little way by working on this project with them and giving them the branding they deserve.