I really, really wish I could take the credit for the name of this adorable sausage dog loving business (Dash and Paws = Dash and Pause = Dachshund Paws – geddit?? Geddit??!) but that’s all on Danielle, the brains behind this awesome local Doggy Dream Team!

Specialising in Doggy daycare, bathing and handmade pet treats for the Perth Long Dog Community, Danielle has been one of my star clients giving me the chance to create everything from her original logo design through to stationery, signage, packaging and more!

Cute and eye-catching was the name of the game, with a big reference to the Dachshund theme to be made nice and clear to anyone that spots her brand from afar.


To be honest, any excuse to spend time researching these adorable little doggos is reason enough for me to get excited about the next project. Can’t wait to show you what’s coming up next!