The Cottontails and Whiskers branding was so much fun to work on; mostly because it involved a lot of research* looking up adorable pictures of kittens and bunnies! Teagan, the business owner and fur-mum of many fluffy children (including 3 cheeky cats and 3 cuddly rabbits!) wanted something cute and fun, just like the pets she caters for.

As the name suggests, bunnies are one of the main animals she provides products for, so I was focused on finding a way to include a subtle cottontail character into the logo design. Throw in some hand-drawn text and we have a bright and playful design that suits Teagan’s brand perfectly!

Along with the logo design, I also teamed up with Teagan to work on many of the graphics on her website, including some stylised icons to represent each animal category (again; a treat to draw!) and some social media branding for the Facebook page.

*it may not have been actual research. Cats. Internet. It was inevitable.