Nothing excites me more than creating a whole new look for a brand that’s a true passion project; and Bitters & Twists is most definitely that! If you’ve ever thought you knew everything there was to know about drinking, you clearly haven’t met Krzysztof yet! This guy really knows his stuff.

An alcohol afficionado and cocktail enthusiast, the Bitters & Twists brand was created around Krzysztof’s passion and appreciation for classy, old-school, traditional cocktails (think the likes of sloe gin, whisky and absinthe in darkened prohibition bars) paired with his immense knowledge of the history, flavours and potential these spirits bring to the table.

The two of us worked closely together on this one. It was important to both of us that the logo represented everything the brand is about; accuracy! Yep, that’s right. Whilst we could have slapped a cliche martini glass with an olive on there, we instead focused on using a cocktail that truly symbolised Bitters & Twists…and it was spot on.

Whilst I taught Krzystztof about the importance of colours and fonts, he very thoroughly educated me on the use of correct glassware and garnishes to make a drink just right! Apparently a cherry was the correct one for this particular tipple (I had a glass or two to be certain).

What a logo! Chin chin!