“…but I don’t even need all of that other stuff!” she exclaimed. “Why should I pay for stuff I don’t need? It’s just a logo, anyway.”

Logo design (and all of that other stuff.)

She was wrong, of course. It wasn’t just a logo. All of that extra stuff is exactly what she needed, even if she didn’t understand why at the time.

As you may have noticed, “just a logo” is not something that I offer to my clients.

Much like the people requesting them, logos can come in a variety of shapes and sizes – and just like those jeggings you stopped to consider in the window for just one moment (go on, admit it. You looked!), we both know that “one-size-fits-all” is never really the case.

We use our logos on so many different things, from business cards and billboards through to avatars and web ads; it would be impossible to create a design that would look equally awesome on all of these things, due to their huge variation in size and dimension. Fear not though, grasshopper – for I have a solution!

Enter, the Logo Package. A.K.A “all of that other stuff” and why you need it.



Primary Logo

The original. The first of it’s name. The one logo to rule them all. Your primary logo sets the benchmark for the rest of your package and is super important to get right!

I know you’re going to want to show this baby off everywhere, and why wouldn’t you? The design embodies everything you love about your brand, and frankly, it looks bloody fantastic! Job done. Your customers need to see this on everything, right now! We can stop at this point, right…?



Secondary Logo

Well hold up there, Tiger. Remember those miracle jeggings? One-size-fits-all…but only if you’re within a certain size range, so not really? This is where your secondary logo comes in.

Sometimes we’re faced with some pretty tight and tricky spaces to fit our logos into. Web banners and ads, bumper stickers, packaging, signage; the list goes on. Sure, you could try and squeeze your awesome primary design into these awkward spaces – but why spend all of that time, money and energy creating a stunning design, only to cram it in and make it look awful? I know you’ve got more style than that.



Minimal Logo

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same goes for your minimal logo design (or ‘brandmark’ as we designy folks like to call it). Sometimes a subtle message can do the trick; particularly when you find yourself with only a teeny-tiny space to work with (hello social media avatars!).

Just like your own nickname, the minimal logo can be thought of as a shorter, abbreviated version of your businesses full name; the primary logo. Often, it is represented with just a simple graphic, icon or character – the K.I.S.S (keep it simple, stupid!) design principle really comes into it’s own here and is proof that size really isn’t everything.



The Dark Side…

Of course, life can’t always be sunshine, rainbows and light logos. Sometimes we must turn to the dark side – but where do our logos stand when we do that? If you’re faced with a background that is perhaps darker than what your logo was originally intended to be used on, it’s important to have another version that can be reversed out and still look fabulous, darling!! In the words of every shopaholic, ever – “I’ll have one in every colour”. You will always get a light and a dark version of your logos from me! I want you looking your best, after all!!



PDF Mini Brand Guide

If you haven’t already checked out my free online branding workshop, I suggest that you click HERE immediately and do so. Go on! I’ll wait here.

Now that you have an idea of exactly what a brand is, you’ll know that this handy little guide is going to be a godsend. Inside you’ll find all of the versions of your logo to reference, plus the colours and fonts used to create them – you can take this styling and start applying it in all aspects of your visual branding. Consistency is key, and we all love a bit of matchy-matchy! It’s like Gok Wan, but for your brand.

“Oh. I see.” she replied, a sheepish grin creeping across her face. “I guess I’ll be needing all of that stuff, after all.”
“When can we start?”


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