Hello there! Forgive me for making assumptions, but I’m guessing that you’re a fellow small business owner? Perhaps you’re a cake decorator, crafter, photographer, cafe owner, personal trainer, fashion designer or something else just as amazing!

You offer awesome products or services. You dedicate as much time, skill and effort into your business and clientele that you can. You’re knowledgeable in your field, you take great pride in your work, you’re darned good at what you do and you know your customers are going to leave 100% satisfied with their purchases. Am I right? You sound like my kind of person!

So, imagine this.

You meet a stranger one day who happens to be looking for the exact kind of products/services that you offer. They want it at the highest quality and with the best customer service. They want to find the right product/service to suit all of their specific needs; they can’t afford to waste money unnecessarily on the wrong thing. However, they’re pretty new to this whole venture, so they have no idea where to start looking…

This is your cue to save the day! As a pro in your field, do you recommend that they;

AJust look for the absolute cheapest option they can – businesses like yours, offering these kind of products/services are pretty much all the same anyway. They should base their decision purely on the lowest budget available to them (they don’t want to waste money, after all). They might get lucky, and everyone wins when they save some moolah, right?


BLook for a product/service that suits all of their particular requirements first. Research businesses that offer this and choose to deal with one who understands exactly what they need and will happily work with them to obtain it (like yours!). Set a realistic budget for this product/service, work towards it, and invest in the best quality that they can afford right from the off.

I’m guessing you cringed a little at Option A, didn’t you? Why?

Of course, as we have all been consumers ourselves at some time, we understand that it’s natural to want the biggest reward for the smallest cost. Who wouldn’t? However…

Just like the products and services that YOUR business offers, branding and design works on the same principle.

If you invest very little time, thought and money into finding the right designer for you, don’t be surprised if they invest very little time, thought and money into creating the right design for you. Your business branding is so important. Invest wisely.

So, when is a cheap logo too cheap? And how do you know you’ve found the right designer for you? I’ve put together the video below with my top tips on how to find your perfect designer match – the cookies to your cream!