Perfect for the budget conscious business or hobbyists with little money to spend. The DIY Designer services are a series of online courses and workshops teaching you how to design like the pros. Take matters into your own hands and invest more of your time, rather than your dollars, into making your brand look just the way you want!



Finding your business flavour | FREE

Get ready to discover the ingredients that make up your business, develop your unique flavour and start working towards your perfect business brand identity with this 100% FREE online workshop!

Grab your printable PDF workbook and tune in to the video lessons as we work together to create a truly delicious recipe for success. Sound awesome? You know it!

This workshop is perfect for you, if…
  • You think a brand is just your logo (so much to learn, young Grasshopper)
  • You have just started your very own, brand-spankin’ new business (yay!)
  • You think it might be time to give your existing business a facelift
  • You want your business to be as unique and interesting as you!
  • You want to start attracting the right kind of customers or clients

Teach Me, Sensei!


Oh my gosh, this course [Finding your business flavour] was amazing!! It helped me really sit down and clarify my business, my purpose and my market. Danika, I cannot thank you enough – I was feeling really lost and confused but this course has given me so much clarity and has completely boosted my confidence and got me so excited about what lies ahead. To anyone out there who has their own business, established or just starting out, I would HIGHLY recommend you give this course a go especially if you’re needing a bit of a boost or a hand to realign yourself and remember why you started this journey in the first place.
– Tami Lloyd | Best for my Bub


Create a simple signature logo | COMING SOON

Take your very own handwriting and turn it into a high res, fully editable vector logo and brandmarkA brandmark is a smaller, simpler version of your logo; think of the Nike swoosh icon for your blog or hobby business.

This lesson is perfect for you, if…
  • You are a Blogger or Hobbyist
  • You love the idea of a custom logo, but don’t have the budget to hire a designer
  • You just need something small to give your personal projects that professional edge
  • You want something quick and simple that you can put together in an hour or two

Coming Soon


Anyone can be a great designer with the right tools and teacher. My how-to workshops are currently a work-in-progress but be sure to keep checking in on my social media channels regularly for updates and release dates. I hope to have them launched real soon!
– Danika


Build your business brand | COMING SOON

Follow my lead as I teach you step-by-step exactly how I put together a visual brand kit for my own clients, including a list of free tools and resources that you can use to create your very own! Create your very own custom logo, brandmarkA brandmark is a smaller, simpler version of your logo; think of the Nike swoosh icon and brandboard (font guide and colour palette). Learn the basics of copyright, fonts, licences, file types and more so that you can work just like the pros.

This workshop will give you all of the tools and info you need to build a solid visual branding foundation for your business. You got this!

This workshop is perfect for you, if…
  • You like to work to your own schedule and enjoy self-paced learning
  • You are super passionate about your business and take pride in the way it looks
  • You love the idea of a custom logo, but don’t have the budget to hire a designer
  • You have a rough vision in your mind of what you want, but not the skills to make it happen (yet.)
  • You want to your brand to have a strong, unique and cohesive look in everything you do

Coming Soon