I’m Danika; that colourful weirdo in the pictures over there. In case it’s not already glaringly obvious, I’m kinda big on self-expression! I love helping people discover their own passions and styles, and rocking them like the legends they are. I don’t just limit this to individuals though – developing the look and style of businesses is my thang!! (and just quietly, according to my clients…I’m pretty darned good at it)

Mama always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”. Well, kinda. That was Forrest Gumps Mama. My Mum used to say something about “eating more greens” and “devouring a family block in one sitting is not a meal, Danika”…but, you know. Close enough.

Combining the two great loves of my life, though; design and chocolate, I’ve come to realise that Forrest’s Ma actually had a damned good point. Average branding and design is like an average box of chocolates. You know the ones. The generic, cheap and cheerful supermarket gift boxed packs you can pick up quickly and easily from just about any grocery store. Yeah. Those.

Upon eagerly prying back the lid, you’re often faced with an array of tasty looking chocolate shapes you can’t wait to dive into – but after biting into what you thought looked like a strawberry cream only to be greeted by licorice bullets?! Well, that’s going to leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Licorice doesn’t even work with chocolate. Why is it in there?! Before you know it, the chocolate regret is creeping in. You won’t be trying that brand again…

Great branding and design, though. Now that’s a different story all together. Great design is like a fancy, gourmet box of chocolates. A little harder to come across and only available from select suppliers – but once you’ve tasted it, you’ll never go back. Not only does it look good enough to eat, the finest quality chocolate has been carefully selected to compliment the delicious flavours inside. Clearly labelled and with a generous sprinkling of tasty decoration, there’s no doubting what the filling is going to be…and it’s going to be exquisite! This is where it’s at. This is what Forrest’s Mama missed.

Nobody likes a misleading chocolate, and the same goes for design. Your branding should make the quality and flavour of your business obvious and deliciously irresistible to customers and clients, alike. You want them coming back for more, don’t you!

Thankfully, it’s as simple as sending an email to get started, and that’s where I come in. Think of me as your own personal design chocolatier and branding BFF. I’m Danika, and I’m here to offer you sweet, gourmet branding and design – whatever your flavour! Unless it’s celery, of course. That’s just plain wrong.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s go!!