Zeus Electrical

After being overwhelmed with local electricians using plugs, cables and sockets in their branding, I was determined to give Eddie of Zeus Electrical a logo that differed from the others! Needless to say that he’d already done half of the work for me by choosing such an excellent business name. Zeus, greek god of the sky and thunder, and wielder of a mighty lightning bolt – what better imagery was there to run with?! Once we'd created quite a strong and solid logo to suit his business' vibe, I carried through the elements of his visual branding board into his printed goods (business cards and invoices), website, social media pages and online advertising. We also had a play with some cheeky wording in his adverts and online posts, to add a little fun and a touch of humanity (he is a god, after all!) to an otherwise quite staunch and corporate industry. A strong brand is all about standing out from the crowd, and that's entirely what we managed to do with Eddie! Find out more about Eddie and Zeus Electrical Visit the website Find him on Facebook
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EcoMuse Images

Graham Cahill, the photographer behind EcoMuse Images, came to me with an existing logo that he liked, but was looking to update and add a bit of character to. The text part of this design was already in use on much of Graham’s work so it was important for him to keep using it; however the logo itself didn’t really allude to what EcoMuse is all about. It needed something more. As Graham’s work is predominately nature-based (namely Australian bushland) he really wanted that to be an obvious feature in the design. Playing off the stark black, sharp, modern lines of the camera shutter against the more subdued colours and organic shapes of the gum leaves this design, I think we managed to hit the target. It is, quite literally, all about “capturing nature“. To say that Graham liked his new logo would be a mild understatement…he actually got a tattoo of it on himself! Now that’s a true compliment to my work. Thanks Graham! I’m humbled. Below. Logo Before (left) and After (right) Find out more about Graham and EcoMuse Images Find him on Facebook
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Essential Elements PT

Jonathan is yet another client that came to me looking for branding that didn’t mirror all of the clichés of his industry. As a Personal Trainer, he did not want his brand to be lost amidst the sea of barbels, kettle bell and body builder silhouettes already flooding the market…and frankly, neither did I! Essential Elements PT focuses on more than just working out. Jonathan takes a more holistic approach in his personal training and offers his clients a chance to improve their overall well-being, focusing on the three key elements of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. After some discussion about the workings of his business, it was determined that Essential Elements is about helping clients to understand that small and simple steps can be taken to reach their end goals – it’s simply a science! From this point, I came up with the tagline “the simple science of a healthy life” and continued the scientific theme through to the imagery where I used icons of beakers filled with 3 different coloured elements. Fitness (red), nutrition (green) and lifestyle (blue). Jonathan had confided to me previously that he was a massive science buff, so the design reflected himself personally as much as his business. Find […]
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