You know, business can be tough. REAL tough. Starting out can feel like a kick in the guts; especially when you're giving it your all and being told over and over that you need to invest in your business...all the while watching your start-up fund dwindling away faster than you could possibly ever earn it back this early on.

You have to spend money to make money is one I'm sure you've heard a few times! I know I sure have. And yeah, to a point, it's true. Let's be real. There's no such thing as a free lunch in business, after all!

...But what if I told you there's another way to help invest in building your business when the bank account is looking a little sparse?

What if you were given the option to invest something more precious than money, that you have an abundance of right now? All business owners do. An even playing ground for everyone, regardless of income - You have 525,600 per annum, in fact! You have 1440 today alone!


Yes. That's right. I'm talking about investing your time!

For a fraction of the price it would cost to pay someone like me to do all of the work for you and charge for my time (and skills!), I want to teach you how to do the work for yourself, using the same industry standard techniques and programs that a pro would.

Trading dollars for minutes, if you have the passion and drive to invest your time where money doesn't allow, you can take the reins and personally steer your business to branding success with guidance, tips, lessons and the occassional bad pun from an industry professional (with great hair. Yep. It's me *wink wink*). Sound good? You better believe it is!

So, why am I offering this?

Well it's simple really. I remember the days when I was first starting out and the struggle was real, people!!! I wasn't lucky enough to have a large budget to invest in my startup. It took a LOT of hard work and learning to get to where I am and I know that many amazing small businesses are in that same boat right now. I truly believe that ALL businesses deserve the opportunity to look their best; even those on a tighter budget. And yes. That includes you!

So here I am. Ready to do this with you, every step of the way.

What are you waiting for? Let's make some design magic together!


Coming Soon

Build Your Own Brand: an online course to kickass design skills!

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Estimated launch date: Early 2018



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